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KBLF’s mucic attracts an active, loyal audience who controls 89% of the nation’s wealth. We play the most popular songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s, aimed at the upper end of the Baby Boomer generation. KBLF Radio is super music-intensive because it is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience.
KBLF  Radio is a full service radio station with CBS News at the top of every hour.  In addition
KBLF offers a live, local morning show with former CHANNEL 7  TV  Newsman Cal Hunter, and Red Bluff’s former mayor – Earl Wintle!  And KBLF carries Red Bluff High School Spartan Football too.  Every game.  Live.  KBLF is like you!  solid – steady – consistent.  And the ideal vehicle for your advertising message to reach it’s intended target audience.

Is a talk station with more!  The Morning show with cal and earl! Dave Ramsey- Tom Sulivan- Mark Levin and ABD WORLD NEWS AT THE TOP OF EVERY HOUR!  Talk radio like KRAC skews more male in it’s audience- 40 years plus.    People with decision making power- people with disposable income!  People who will response favorably to your advertising message… yes- they’re all on KRAC (Radio)!!

Form ‘Workin’ man blues” to “Blue ain’t your color” KYCT Real Country, The Outlaw is positioned to fill a gaping hole in the country market.  Real Country Music with artists from Country’s golden age – Willie Nelson- Waylon, Johnny and Merle, and from today.  It is heavily listened to among the trades people of our area because it has the kind of music that can carry through the day.  Skewing both male and female who are working, or are 35+… The OUtlaw is a red hot format and station that is willing to go to work for you!  NOW!

To learn more about advertising on any of these great radio stations call Cal Hunter today at 530-727-5253… or e-mail- calhunter@gmail.com.